Colour Separation:

For customers who demand the highest standard in terms of colour fidelity and quick turnaround, it is no accident our service quality ranks at the top.  Our staff are highly skilled and motivated to deliver the results.


         Scanning (high-end drum scan)

High quality scanning to reproduce the desired result.


         Desktop Publishing

Font management, layout, typesetting etc


         Colour Retouching

High-end digital image retouching services.



For both analogue or digital proofing needs.


         Large Format Printing



         Digital Printing

Short-Run Print – print what you need, when you need.  No wastage or obsolescence, but “On-Demand” basis.  Great for business cards, invite cards, birthdays, brochures, booklets, posters etc at competitive prices.


Colour-managed print – our digital printer is colour calibrated to produce consistent and vibrant colours


         Electronic Transmissions (ETs)

Full range of ETs for magazine or newspaper ads to various publications via Quickcut, SPH ET, or FTPs.